This is the main page of the Zeus Manager software. This is the section where you can directly access the different sections that comprise the reservation module, the employment module and the main program settings.

Dashboard Zeus Manager

Every time you access your Zeus account, the current notifications will appear in this tab, as well as the latest news from Zeus Manager. In the central part of the screen you can navigate between the different sections of the Zeus modules.


The reservations module is an advanced booking management system that allows you to control the availability and occupancy of the premises linked to Zeus Manager.

In this section you will find access to:

Reservation book and the calendar
Guest database
General configurations


The labor module is a complete administration, accounting and HR system that will allow you to keep up-to-date with the management of employees, contracts, schedules, payments, tasks and much more.

In this section you will have direct access to:

Schedule control
Groups and categories


In this module you will be able to access different options and general configurations of the Zeus Manager modules. The different tabs will allow you to configure account information, linked locations and user permissions.

From this section you can navigate directly to:


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