Schedule control

The “Schedule Control” module is a labor system designed to control the check-in and check-out of employees. The main panel of the module is organized in three sections:

  • Unmanaged: This screen will show the time stamps of the workers that are pending to be sent to the workers
  • Pending approval: In this window you will see the time stamps that have already been sent to the workers for validation.
  • Approved: Here the hour records that have already been validated by the workers from their mobile phone are compiled. In this section you can also override the worker’s approval.

To activate the functionalities of this module, employees have to download the Zeus employee app on their mobile phone in order to be able to link and clock work shifts.

View / edit worker signings

If you want to see the hours recorded for any worker, you just have to click on their name to open a new management tab.

In this window you will be able to view the employee’s times, as well as other information such as the hours of entry and exit, the total number of hours and observations. In case you need to manually modify a strip, click on the button

At the bottom you will find a box with a summary of the worker’s total hours.

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