In this section of the reservation module you will be able to manage all your customers and automatically register new diners that come from the reservation engine.

Display options

You can view the content of the window in two ways:

List: All the information of your clients will appear in the form of a list ordered alphabetically. To access each client, you just have to click on their name.

Tabs: Clients will appear in the form of tabs with the most important information. You can enter any client’s file by clicking on their name.

Import and export customer lists

In the upper panel next to the search panel, you will find the buttons for importing and exporting clients. This advanced functionality will allow you to import databases from other platforms such as Fork, or to export the information from your database in a comfortable and simple way. To perform the operation, click on the button you want and follow the instructions. You should take into account:

  • In order to import you must create a data file in CSV format.
  • By default, the Zeus Manager data export is in CSV format.

Steps to create a new client

To start creating clients, click the button. Once you do, a new window will appear where you can enter the information for the new customer.

When you complete the fields highlighted in red, the client will be registered in the database of your Zeus Manager account. Later you will be able to access any profile to update the information or consult the history of your reservations.

New clients entering through Zeus booking engine, they will be automatically added to your account database. Make sure the “email” and “phone” fields are correct.