Schedules Reservations

In this section you can configure the admission of online reservations in the booking engine of Zeus Manager, using a simple system of calendars, dates and shift selection.

Types of schedules

Regular Hours: These are the hours with which you can define and / or limit the hours of admission of online reservations that the restaurant normally makes.

Temporary changes: These are hours, events or special dates that modify the restaurant’s hourly activity. This section will allow you to modify the time bands of the booking engine with new conditions subject to special occasions, such as Christmas.

How to create a new regular schedule

Using this intuitive function you can define the time slots that your guests can reserve from Zeus Manager booking engine. Outside these hours, diners will not be able to make reservations.

To create “your regular schedule” click on the icon and start customizing the service shifts. It is not necessary to fill in all the shifts one by one, with the button you can copy the hours entered to other cells.

Keep in mind that you can only have one type of regular schedule active. If you create a new one, it will be replaced by the old one with the date you specify.

Temporary changes

This section will allow you to create additional schedules for specific dates that you need to change your service shifts or the admission of reservations. These new hours will replace the conventional reservation hours during the dates you specify. In its edition you can:

  • Add a name to the schedule
  • Select the date range of the event
  • Assign a color to highlight the days that the special schedule lasts
  • Enter shifts

Finally, you can view all the special schedules created by clicking the button “See Annual View”.

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