In this section of the Reservations module you can configure the menus of your restaurant and / or link them to Zeus Manager reservation engine.

By default, the system will create a “Menu” for the selected location. The letter, unlike the menus, does not have an assigned price and will be preliminary available every day of the week. The Menu is editable and you can upload attached images or PDF files, which will be visible when a reservation enters.

How to add a new menu

  • To begin with the creation of menus, press the button
  • Complete the different fields of name, price and minimum quantity of diners
  • Configure the menu availability shifts and their days. You can add more than one shift, if you click on the button
  • Select the hours of online viewing
  • Yes you need it, you can also choose hours to hide it.
  • Finally, you can add informative notes in the menu

If you need to know more about the configuration of the restaurant’s premises, we recommend you visit the general configuration of reservations.

Modify existing menus

You can add or modify the information of the current cards, if you click on the name of the menu you want to edit.

In this section you can:

  • Check the menu information
  • Change the entered settings by clicking the edit
  • Add PDF files with images from the menu, you can select the display order that the client will see.
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