The Zeus Manager contracts panel is a powerful tool in the labor module that will allow you to manage the labor contracts of each employee. However, in order to start working with this section you will need to previously have employees and have one or more job categories created. From this panel you can also change the contractual conditions and extend / renew employees.

How to create a new employment contract

To create a new contract you will have two options:

  1. Click on the username, and within your profile access Contracts
  2. If you have created only the employee profile, the option Create contract will appear in the same list

The process to create a new contract is divided into a series of steps where you will have to define the contract data, the cost allocation and the payment allocation. The fields marked in red of each must be completed in order to continue with the creation of the contract.

In the first step “contract data” consists of the following actions to complete:

Select the linked company
Choose the type of contract to create (Training, internship, temporary and permanent)
Define the start and end dates of the contract
Enter if there are previous trial period days
Add annual hours and number of vacation days
Assign work center (can be more than one) and responsible
Award a job category

In the second step “cost allocation” you must:

Choose between annual or monthly calculation. Slide the button to activate or deactivate the monthly display
Complete and specify the costs of gross salary and cost of social security
Set annual / monthly service hours

Once saved, the information will be updated with the new data. Thanks to this, you can have control of the duration of the contract and the worker’s trial period.

In the third step “allocation of payments” the last actions to be carried out will be:

Enter the bank account of the employee where the deposits will be made
Add the amount and alternative payment method (in the event that the employee receives part of his salary in parts)
Define the cost of overtime

How to change the conditions of the contracts

If at any specific time, you need to make any modification to any of the current employment contracts with a worker, you can do it directly by clicking on their name. Once the window opens, you will be able to view the information about the worker’s labor agreement, its current conditions and the remaining term of the contract.

Termination of the contract and withdrawal of the worker

In the event of terminating a current contract with an employee, you can do so as follows:

  1. Access the employee you want in the Personal section
  2. Select the employee’s profile.
  3. Within the profile select Contracts and click Edit contract
  4. Select the last option “Delete contract”.

IMPORTANT: Once the contracts are eliminated, they cannot be recovered.

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